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Triple K Irrigation has the products and parts to meet your needs. Backed by over 50 suppliers, we specialize in used and new equipment. From Travelers, Sprinklers and Pumps to Engines and Fittings, we have products from the leading manufacturers. If you can't find what you need elsewhere, then please call us!

**Attention All Gardeners**

We are pleased to introduce the Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation System to our product line. The Irri-Gator System is comprised of a bulk roll of drip tubing with pre-installed drip orifices as well as perma-loc tees, a perma-loc elbow and a pressure regulator/screen assembly. You only need a pair of scissors for this installation - no special tools!

The Irri-Gator System is currently available in four sizes. The Gator-100, Gator-250, and Gator-1000 have an interchangeable component design which provides for complete system customization to fit any garden configuration. Expandable to 1000 feet of drip tube with virtually an unlimited number of rows. We also offer the Gator-2000 for commercial growers which features different components due to the size of the kit.

Triple K Irrigation would be happy to assist you with designing your system!!

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